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Look for a meeting that will be devoted to programs. Customer loyalty or Customer Experience. It is worth deciding in advance which groups you feel better in. Do you prefer large conferences, in lecture halls or cinemas, or do you prefer meetings with a small group of experts. There is no one best type of meeting. But the choice on the market is so large that everyone will find something for themselves. It is also worth considering the method of financing. Usually. The employer covers the participation in the conference, so it is worth verifying formal issues such as issuing a VAT invoice before enrolling.

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The form of the meeting is also important. You have many options to choose from. From one-facilitator training to Practice for Practice meetings, during which you will have the opportunity to listen to many practitioner speakers who talk about their experiences and specific projects. This is a very attractive database form, because apart from knowledge, you also get interesting sticks from the market, which you can later adapt in your company. Industry conferences – what does participation give? First of all, participation in conferences is a constant supply of fresh knowledge from the market.


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They allow you to meet new people, build a network of contacts or facilitate a better understanding of the market and business environment. After the conference you will be richer for new experiences, knowledge, contacts and fresh ideas. Preparation is key! When we have a chosen topic that interests us and a specific event, it is worth exploring the topic  first. in from a given event, what can be useful for your organization. Preparing questions to the topic in advance will allow you to get even more out of your participation in the event. Meet the speakers People who are speakers during Phone Number HK Practice for Practice conferences are your colleagues from the industry.

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