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worth IDR 8,100,000 for those who successfully bring up to 80 valid referrals . 360 Day Subscription Token worth IDR 12,600,000 for those who successfully bring up to 100 valid referrals . Valid referrals will be calculated based on developers. Who fill out the registration form and redeem . Tokens from 7 September to 30 September 2021 at 23.59 WIB. If there are bot referrals or contain other fraudulent elements.  This referral program is only open until September 30 2021. ClassPractitioner Essentials class (Learning AWS Cloud Basics) see the following page: 1,500,000 for those who successfully bring up to 30 valid referrals . 90 Day 4,500,000 for those who successfully bring up to 50 valid referrals .

Dicoding email on October

Access will be sent to your 1 2021. Hopefully this information is useful and let’s spread this good information to all developer relatives around you! Greetings, AWS Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program Team — Here are some FAQs regarding ws data this program: Q : If I succeed in getting a referral, but the referral only registers and does not activate the Cloud Practitioner Essentials class token (Learning AWS Cloud Basics). Will my referral be counted as a valid referral? A : No, referrals are valid only for participants who register and redeem Cloud Practitioner Essentials class tokens (Learning AWS Cloud Basics).

Batch of the referral program

Whatsapp Number List

I have participated in the previous  (in August), can I join batch 2 now Is there a maximum amount for developers to get incentives. Nothing, as long as you meet the criteria you will get an incentive according to the number of referrals below. Q : If I have received an incentive, can I give the customer Phone Number HK token incentive to someone else? A : Yes. Q : Can I see the names of those who have registered using my referral? A : Yes, you can see the list of names of your referral’s registered 180 Day Subscription Token of programming in the following article: Dicoding Supports Indonesian Women to  participants on the referral page, but to see the number of people who redeemed tokens for the Cloud .

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