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It’s to build a unifi look for your brand. So. If you’re a recruiting firm for high-level executives. Having a playful rainbow grid might not quite fit the professional and serious tone you’re going for. A monochromatic. Text-bas series of posts. On the other hand…  take advantage of image iting tools in case you haven’t figur it out yet: instagram is a visual mium… and it’s hard to put together a great grid unless the individual pictures also are great. Luckily. There are tons of great photo iting tools out there. As well as expert advice around every corner… for example. Our guides to taking great instagram photos and staying on top of the hottest instagram trends.

Your Content Appears Where People Are

Don’t forget: reels are part of your grid. Too your instagram reels can live on your grid alongside your main posts. So don’t forget to select a suitable reels cover photo. Or use one of our professionally-designed reels cover templates to create a consistent look for your reels. Each of airbnb’s reels have a carefully select cover photo of a rental home. View from a street-level exterior. 

It creates a sense of consistency business lead with your other instagram grid posts. Airbnb reels rental home cover photos  schule your posts in advance, keep your gorgeous ig grid active and updat with the help of a schuling tool that allows you to drop just the right filter pic or three at just the right time.

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Hootsuite’s dashboard. For example. Makes it easy to prep your best photos at your convenience. Get that grid going! Hootsuite visual planner try hootsuite for  of course. Creating a great grid is just one way to capture attention on the ‘gram. For more marketing tips and tricks to take your account to the next level. 

Check out our ultimate Phone Number HK guide to instagram marketing here. Instagram grid faqs how do you post a grid on instagram? If you want to do a grid layout on instagram. You’re going to ne to do some pre-planning. Mock it up in photo-iting software. Or use hootsuite’s instagram grid planner integration to preview your layout before it goes live.

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