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Always informed about the progress of Velneo vERP.

We present a new web service that allows you to k Velneo vERP up to date now all the incidents. That are being managed in the Velneo vERP template and its entire ecosystem.

This new application uses the same style th Bitcoin Data at we already know from other services such as the continuous training plan and suggestions.

You will be able to consult both

Active incidents and those already resolved in the past.

When you detect an issue in a template. You can use the se Afghanistan Phone Number List arch engine to easily confirm whether the issue is already docu Velneo vERP up to date mented. Resolved or registered for resolution.

It is very useful for meetings when working remotely. In its free version available with a Google account meetings can. Be held with up to 100 participants and 60 minutes long. You can share your screen, write in chat, record meetings,

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