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Anchor Text Most Often Stands Out in the Text With a Different Color and Sometimes Also Underlined. A Click May Take the User, for Example, to a Separate Subpage or a Completely Different Domain. It is Worth Noting That, in Addition, Anchor Text Can Also Link to Another Section Under the Same Url Address – Such Links Can Be Used, Among Other Things, to Prepare a Table of Contents for a Longer Article. Additionally, It is Possible to Initiate a File Download or Create an E-mail Message in This Way.

Types of anchor texts

Branded – Text Using the Name of whatsapp number list a Company or Brand, Unrelated to Selected Keywords, Its Purpose is to Build the Value of Authority on the Internet (It Affects Domain Authority, I.e. A Commercial Indicator of the Strength of a Given Domain),has No Connection With the Content of the Page, but is Linked to the Content That Precedes It, It is Most Often a Call to Action (Cta),naked – in This Case There is No Actual Anchor, So the User is Shown a Raw Link,
Exact Match – Involves the Use of a Precisely Matched Keyword, Which Contributes to the Positioning Power. However, It is a Risky Anchor That Works Differently Depending on the Popularity of Words and Algorithm Updates,

Where should you use anchor texts

Whatsapp Number List

An Effective Link is One That is Phone Number HK Easy to Read and Understandable to Every User. Filling the Content With Long, Blue Fragments Will Not Bring You the Desired Results, Because the Content Will Turn Out to Be Unreadable, and the User Will Quickly Leave the Page.
Also Remember That Adding Too Many Links Will Cause Recipients to Refrain From Clicking on Any Link. So Take Care Not Only of the Appropriate Length of Anchor Text, but Also of the Number of These Elements in the Content.
Bounce Rate is Taken Into Account by Google When Building Your Serp Rankings. To Minimize It, Ensure the Relevance of the Website to Which the User Will Be Led After Clicking the Anchor Text.

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