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The Digital Landscape is Constantly Changing. Technological Progress and Growing Consumer Expectations Mean That Once Effective Solutions No Longer Bring the Expected Results. Google, Wanting to Meet Market Requirements, Has Developed an Innovative Tool, Google Analytics 4, Which Will Soon Replace the Previous Version – Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics). Before Switching to a New System, It is Worth Getting to Know Its Functionalities. In This Article, We Will Discuss the Characteristics of Ga4 and Tell You Why It is Worth Making This Change Now.

Google Analytics 4 – a short history

Google Announced That as of July 1, 2023, Google Analytics ws number list Universal Will No Longer Handle User Requests. Despite the Correct Presence of the Tracking Code on Websites, Data Will No Longer Be Collected and Analyzed in the Tool. Therefore, You Will Only Be Able to Use Ga3 to Examine Historical Data About Traffic on Your Website. Unfortunately, Such Information is Not Sufficient to Obtain a Complete Picture Regarding the Effectiveness of Marketing Activities.
To Meet the Expectations of Website Creators, the Company Presented a New Version of the Tool, Google Analytics 4,

Switching to GA4 – choice or necessity

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Google Offered Users to Automatically Phone Number HK Set Up the Service on Google Analytics 4. However, This Was Not the Best Solution, Because the New Version of the Tool Was Only Able to Collect Basic Data Without Information About Revenues. To Generate Them, Events Must Be Implemented in the Website’s Data Layer in the Form of,Which Required Additional Actions. Moreover, After Such Configuration, Google Analytics 4 Was Unable to Add Filters, Connections to Google Search Console and Google Merchant, and Referrer Exclusions. However, the Option to Automatically Set Up the Service on Ga4 is No Longer Available, And Users Who Have Not Opted Out of It Must Optimize the Settings in the New Version of the Tool. But Let’s Get Back to the Key Question: is It Necessary to Switch to Google Analytics 4?

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