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Well, we need to talk a little about these differences since we are starting to talk about action plans here in the text. 

An action plan is quite different from a digital marketing plan, but not that much. 

Confusing, right? Not so much: in fact, digital marketing planning is made up of several action plans. 

The actionable points of the plan — that is, what you are actually going to do — are the action plans themselves. 

For example: you determine an Ecuador Phone Numbers X amount of posts on Instagram, or the launch of Lead Magnets every month with accompanying it, etc. 

Digital marketing planning needs to have these action plans because they are what will take marketing forward. 

But the action plan needs digital marketing strategic planning to be created. It is in the planning that other relevant information is found, such as personas, target audience, budget, etc. 

With these differences out of the way, we can move on with the text. Now let’s talk about the two main points: first, how to do digital marketing planning. Then, how to make individual action plans. 

Come with me: 

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6 steps to make your digital marketing plan today


So, is everything ready for us to start talking about the real practice? 

Digital marketing planning is always quite specific, so it can be difficult to find resources on the internet that show you the exact steps you need to follow to build yours. 

And even those that do appear Italy Phone Number end up being quite incomplete, with some information that ends up being too basic. 

Understanding the complexity of this work is difficult, but not impossible. In this topic, I have tried to list some actions that all companies need to take when creating their digital marketing plan. 

These actions will have specific results, as is typical of this type of work. Only you will know what these results are, since each company is different. 

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