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You can read more about the value proposition here on the blog. Documentation Now that we have the general direction ready we can start documenting it. In practice this means creating some kind of brand book or graphic guidelines for the company. look (logo colors typography images) and how these can possibly be appli in different channels and situations.

Brand book and its benefits here

You can read more about the. Putting it into practice So that all the planning does not remain b2b email list just a nice idea the planning must be put into practice. In practice this means bringing out the look in all the companys materials. In order for the implementation to be as visible as possible to your potential and current customers we recommend starting the implementation of the look with the following issues

Least the front page depending on

Renewing the website or at the extent of the renewal Product packaging presentation materials or depending Phone Number HK on the industry other materials where your companys image is strongly display Promotional materials After these you can slowly focus on bringing out the look elsewhere in the companys operations. However this should not be forgotten after the first steps so that the overall appearance of the company does not leave a mix

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