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YouTube marketing is also suitable for the Act and Convert stages. In the Act phase, the goal of video advertising is a certain activity that is lighter than a purchase, for example, in recruitment marketing, moving to websites and looking at job advertisements. Accordingly, the goal of the Convert phase would be to send the application.

In advertising aimed at the Act and Convert stages, short videos can work, for example, which highlight the added value your company’s product or service brings to the customer. By focusing the video on what the customer’s problem is solved by the product, you can make the customer move from the consideration phase forward.

In video advertising aimed at the Act and Convert stages, you can also use, for example, the campaign code “with code ABC to get item X for free” or “now shipping costs are free”. If it is not possible to take advantage of this, or discounts and campaigns are not part of your company’s marketing strategy, the distinguishing factors of the product or service should be explained in a particularly sharp way in the video.

What to consider and what works in the Act and Convert phases:

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Example, Act and Convert, increasing requests and sales

YouTube Shorts marketing is also possible without an actual video by utilizing still images and the editing possibilities of Google Ads. In the Convert Phone Number HK phase, the ad can be target, for example, for a period of 7 days to customers who have completed a specific Act phase function and who have not submit a request for a quote.

Engage Stage YouTube Marketing

Since it is easier to sell to current customers, the purpose of the Engage phase is to engage customers, for example by teaching them about the product or service, and to make better use of the end result. Since on YouTube you can target advertising to customers who have already purchased, YouTube marketing is also suitable for the Engage phase.

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