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End or side of the results. Keyword advertising is of the search results is still weak. Search engine optimization search engine optimization (seo = search engine optimization) refers measures to raise a website as high as possible in the organic search results of search engines is important in terms of competition. As few users browse the search results beyond the first page. In search engines. The highest places are reserv for paid advertising spots. But in the best case. Search engine optimization and keyword advertising support each other in increasing website traffic.

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Banner advertising email list (display network advertising) display advertising isof advertising that can contain either a static or animat image. Text and the company logo. Banner advertising can get up to millions of views on different websites. Applications or google services such as youtube. Banner advertising can be target in many different ways according to people’s online behavior in order to make the ad visible on different sites. Social mia advertising almost every social mia channel and platform has an opportunity to advertise your business.

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Such as search engine. Social mia Phone Number HK and e-mail marketing. Are also often establish in accordance with the website’s operation and content. importance in that the visitor can be guid to perform the desir actions on the website. Such as submitting a request for quotation or contacting us via the chat application. The logical goal for online stores. On the other hand. Is to get visitors to the website to make a purchase. Keyword advertising your company should be easy for your potential customers to find. Keyword advertising is or service visible in search engine results. Keyword ads are paid ads that appear on. Often at the beginning.

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