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Events Sessions To decide whether session events are count as bounces. Example. If you choose. when a visitor lands on your page. it fires an event (such as submitting a contact form). but when they leave. the session will be count as a bounce. a return. Finally. fill in your tracking information in the tracking field. Click Save to finish. Select Event Triggers Below the label configuration form. click the Triggers section. You ne to click on that button and then click on the pencil icon to configure a new trigger. First. choose a trigger type. such as form submission. element visibility. scroll depth. etc. Next. name the trigger and define the trigger conditions.

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Finally. click Save when you’re done configuring Hong-Kong Mobile Database the trigger. tab settings. you are done. How to Check that Event Tracking is Working Now that you’re all set up. you ne to check that it’s working. You ne to check your report. If everything is configur correctly. you should immiately see events start appearing in the events overview. Go to and select. Here you will see all the information enter. On this screen. you should be able to see. Total Events. the number of times the event occurr Unique Events. the number of times the event occurr at least once in the session Event Value. the number of events multipli by the value assign to the average of each event.

Cell Phone Number List

Then click Save in the Events

Each Total Value of Events divid by Number of. Sessions Containing At Least One Event. Total Events Per Session For more details. you ne to browse the Other tab Activities below. For example. top events can tell you how a particular site interaction affects Phone Number HK e-commerce. or how an event affects user behavior relat to a particular product. Confus. We can help you track events If you’re still a little confus. that’s completely normal. Event Tracking may take some time to notify you. This is where we come in. Our team of experts can help you utilize all (analytics) metrics to ensure your.

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