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Metasearch engines are a specialized form of search because they search several websites at the same time, so the user can get results from several places collected on one page. Metasearch engines include, among others: Google.

Wondering how it actually works? In this article you will learn what metasearch engines are, how they work and why they are so important.

The main task of a metasearch engine is to search the websites of other search engines. It is a specialized form of search engine that collects similar results from various sources. Metasearch engines can be general or specialized in a specific topic or industry.

What is a metasearch engine and what is its purpose

A metasearch engine works by indexing online databases, then compiling the collected search results and classifying them using proprietary search technology.

The metasearch engine sends a direct query to multiple search Whatsapp Data engines and returns specific results to the user. The search results obtained are therefore the sum of many searches. The Google search engine is also based on this principle.

Metasearch engines contain a lot of valuable data about customers and the keywords they enter. They can help you with:

comparing search results – there are many tools that enable the search engine to analyze data from many different sources.

How do metasearch engines affect SEO

Thanks to this, it can compare the information found and match it even better to the intentions of its recipients;

Grouping search results metasearch engines can analyze keywords and collect them Phone Number HK into certain subgroups. This is particularly useful for narrow industries served by metasearch engines.

Defining general keywords in linguistic terms – thanks to them you will be able to see that a given keyword is popular in many search engines, not just one.

It is a metasearch engine that is famous for its clustered search method. Yippy is supposed to be family-friendly, as content such as pornography and anti-religious products are removed.

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