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Why I like reselling so much. I imagine it’s the genes. My mother throughout her life has gone to the slaughterhouse in Germany to sell. Both Saturdays and Sundays. Its margins and ROI are figures that I will never reach. The normal thing was that she would buy something for 1 euro and sell it for 20 or more. Then there were even things that she was given or that she found.

The fascination of buying money

The fascination of buying money Last week I made a big little bet. I saw products on sale that had worked for us in recent years and didn’t hesitate. I started buying and placing orders. Since they don’t let you make job function email list large orders you have to make one after the other. I did it for an hour until I exceeded the figure of 20,000 euros . In total figures it won’t be that much but how I like to say: “it all adds up”.

It's not the money but rather the process

It’s not the money but rather the process In reality, it’s not so much the money that fascinates me but the process. It is the act Phone Number HK  of inventing a product (e.g. a new listing with packs ) or taking advantage of buying lots by selling something that others give relatively little value to (e.g. Pokémon packs). It is also the game of betting on certain products that may not make sense right now but you think they are going to sell anyway.

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