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Changes in consumer behavior should not be alarmed, as they can open up new opportunities in the market. Keep your eyes open for new target audiences, segments or markets that might be attractive. Find new ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors and provide value to your customers. There is often room for pricing in high-quality products, and there is always a need for basic products.

Track market trends : Stay up to date on the impact of market changes on the market and consumer behavior. Follow market trends and adapt your advertising to the changing situation. Advertising is an investment and it is worth taking advantage of situations when competitors save on it .

As an example, one of our clients, which is a leader in its field and focuses on B2B sales, does Google Ads search advertising, where there is very strong competition for the best advertising spots and visibility. At the beginning of the year, we saw how a few competitors started to save their advertising budget. However, the company in question kept UK Phone Number List its advertising budget at the same level, which resulted in a significant increase in the share of search impressions. 

The share of impressions increased from sixty to seventy percent. At the same time, the conversion rate of the campaigns increased by +32%, as the ads appeared more often in better places and were also clicked on more. 

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Embrace AI as an opportunity, but recognize its limitations

Considering artificial intelligence in advertising can bring many benefits and help your business achieve better results. Here are some ways you can use artificial intelligence to make Google advertising more effective:

Automatic bidding strategies : In Google Ads, you can take advantage of artificial intelligence with automatic bidding strategies. These strategies include Target CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) or Target ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend), which use machine learning and algorithms to automatically optimize bids. They can help improve the performance of ads and generate better results.

This way you can target advertising effectively and personalize your message better. Take advantage of the targeting and personalization possibilities offered by the Google Ads platform. In addition, you can use demographic information, interests and past behavior to target your ads to the right audience. By personalizing your message, you can meet the needs of each target audience

Content optimization : Artificial intelligence can help optimize the content of ads. Machine learning can analyze the performance of ads and Phone Number HK identify the elements that work best, such as images, headlines or ad texts. This way you can develop ads that attract more clicks and convert better.

Leveraging Analytics and Prediction : Artificial intelligence can help analyze the performance of ad campaigns and predict future results. Machine learning and predictive models can give you information about which advertising channels or formats work best and help optimize campaigns.

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