It is difficult to take the lead from the back

In order for your marketing to stand out and find its target group among numerous advertising messages, it is important that your company has defined  clear competitive advantages and buyer personas . So you know who is being advertised to and from which angle. However, the fact that there is so much advertising available inevitably leads to the fact that it […]

Marketing Automation Service

In addition to the fact that loyal customers want to come to your online store to use the points they have earn or the discount percentages grantee only to them, customers who are satisfied with the benefits become advocates of your brand, attracting similar people to your company. Totango To tango advertises its service as […]

The most important tasks of Forsta and tools

Meltwater also belongs to the group of social listening tools, but profiles itself a little differently from Buffer by focusing more on the brand and the monitoring of related keywords in addition to social media in broad news networks. Analyzing news networks is especially interesting for slightly larger companies, for which it is essential to […]

Engage and maintain a customer relationship

The Engage phase is about how effectively you take care of your customers after the purchase event. If your marketing strategy does not reach the Engage stage and you settle for the first purchase made by the customer, before long the churn will increase as your customers start looking at other solutions. However, don’t worry – when […]

A tool for building push notifications

In its simplicity, PushOwl offers  Push notifications appear on the screen of your customers’ mobile devices according to the strategy. It can be an effective addition to email campaigns, and if used sparingly, it can even offer a better conversion rate than email. The flexible push notifications also work excellently as rescuers of abandoned shopping carts. This is […]

Email Marketing Tool Active Campaign

The  which is quickly taking over the market, is especially popular with B2B marketers. For its affordable monthly price, ACTIVE Campaign offers a delightfully comprehensive selection of Convert stage tools, from forms to landing page tools. ActiveCampaign also has a comprehensive selection of ready-made integrations for connecting external systems and an easy-to-understand guide for connecting systems that […]

Convert contacts and leads into sales

In the Convert phase, as its name suggests, the purpose is to create the highest possible quality conversions, i.e. direct online store or high-quality leads to contact sales. The best Convert phase processes are created by merging together carefully thought out technologies and contents that emphasize the company’s competitive advantage. In the context of the […]

Convince site visitors and convert them

The goal of the Act phase is to turn customers into leads with the help of content relevant to your buyer persona. Content production should be an investment, but also consider these tools to maximize quality conversions. Hotjar We dig into Hotjar’s toolbox when we want to find out the movements of website visitors and locate, for […]

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is another example of tools for implementing digital marketing and measuring its effectiveness, which is useful in many situations. It is the umbrella title (at the time of writing) for eight services, of which Search Ads 360 – formerly known as Google Ads – is the best known of all. Google’s advertising network is the […]

Marketing technologies: 50 different tools for digital marketing

The tools you use to make your company’s target group discoverable and direct relevant traffic to your site. Even in the Reach phase, GA is unbeatable; if installed correctly, you can easily see how website visitors end up on your pages and how many times your ad is shown to the visitor on all the devices they […]

Marketing Technology Tool

If your company does digital marketing, you have noticed at Takuu how quickly marketing technologies have developed. When development is fast and there are a huge number of options, it can be difficult to distinguish which tools are truly useful for your company’s sales, lead acquisition or other marketing and sales measures monitoring needs. So how […]