It Might Seem That It Is Enough To Say Yes

Even if there is another company behind them. To a large extent, it also depends on the culture prevailing in a given market and is relate to the concept of copyright. For example, in China, companies not only refer to events or products of competitors, but they can start a business under an almost identical […]

To Convey It Will Be Difficult To Win Customers

Therefore, we should take into account that the lack of ethics may be manifeste in the very way of communication, and not in the intention of the brand. Unfortunately, this can lead to a serious image crisis . Therefore, it is worth asking for help from qualifie specialists who have skilfully conducte campaigns, even the […]

It can be a presentation you prepare during

The most viewe presentation adde in 2015 now has almost 4 million views . However, the most surprising statistic is that according to the 2015 Social Meia Marketing Industry Report, as many as 85% of marketers do not see the potential of this tool. The most use social platforms slideshare2 Source: 2015 Social Meia Marketing […]

The youngest often need this help

Fan pages and events on Facebook. Photos on Instagram or Twitter entries allow you to spread information about fundraisers at a fast pace, present the stories behind them in detail. And thus properly involve large groups of people in helping., so on the occasion of. The upcoming Children’s Day at Brand24 , together with the […]