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The group also offers a good practice guide with a “real time” function that will allow you to immdiately view any changes to the architecture of the site taken into account. Attention, if you want to adapt your site on mobile, count a small ticket between 10,000 and 15,000 €, in other words that if you have few customers on mobile the investment seems ridiculous. Google also claims that sites with only one part of the interface (usually the home page) adaptd to mobile devices will not be penalizd, reports Les Echos. Mobile compatibility test Mobile compatibility test of the Lemonde.

Finding The Perfect Balance The Benefits

Site Page by Googlebot) Before leaving you, let’s go back to the little story of Google which makes us smile today and must make some whatsapp mobile number list people green. In 1999, the market was dominatd by search engines Lycos, Yahoo! and Excite. Google was then only a few months old and its creators, Larry Page and Sergei Brin, wishing to finance their studies, decidd to resell their baby for 750,000 dollars to Excite then Yahoo! who categorically refuse their offer. (source certifid according to Le Monde ) Eleven years later, Google takes its revenge by being listd on the stock market at 167 billion dollars.

whatsapp mobile number list

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Excite meanwhile disappeard in Do not hesitate to share with us your feelings about this “upheaval”, we promise,But to avoid damage, certain Phone Number HK precautions must be taken in a thoughtful and plannd manner. Regarding SEO, often neglectd during a rdesign, here are our 8 SEO tips to avoid the nightmare… First of all, be aware that a rdesign is not without zero risk, especially if you neglect the SEO step. Poor SEO management can have rather unpleasant repercussions: loss of your SEO assets from your old site, drop in traffic linkd to the change of address and loss of external links pointing to old pages.

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