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Start using your account. The Google Classroom app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Now that you know how to download and log in to Google Classroom, let’s see how the platform works. You can use Google Classroom as a trainer and as a student. Therefore, the use you will give it being different in both cases. Below I will explain how to do it both ways. Note : You can use the same account as a trainer and as a student simultaneously.

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How Google Classroom works email leads for teachers in 2022. In other words. Once inside your account you can select the options: “Create class”. Or “Join class”, if you are a teacher you must choose the first one. Therefore, to do this, click on the blue “Join class ” or “Create new” button (or click on the + button at the top right, and a small menu. Therefore, will be displayed in which you can choose to enter a class now. created or create a new one).

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