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What is a Google Course and what is it for? Google AdSense is a simple and free solution with which you can earn income if you have a website or a YouTube channel. Therefore, since Google pays based on the clicks. Therefore, views that people make on the ads in your content. I recommend a guide to get started. Therefore, Google  for free .Therefore, many students get approval after detecting the common errors and most common errors on their websites. Advantages of the Advanced Course 

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The Adsense course is focused email database on users who want to start. Monetizing their websites and blogs and need a minimum base of knowledge. Therefore, about this advertising system to be able to get the most out of it. In this type of courses it is usually explained. In other words to create an account in Adsense. The complete interface of the Google  platform. How to include your website in . How to create ad blogs, code optimization, basic tips to optimize ad performance and management, etc. The teacher’s simple and effective way of explaining. In other words The entire course is for me the best advantage of the course .

Google Classroom

That is to say, a step-by step Adsense Phone Number HK course is used to start Therefore, the platform from scratch and knowing what you are doing, not jumping into the platform like crazy. What are you going to learn in this Google Course.  Choose the best ad units. Set up and place ads professionally. Avoid most common configuration errors. In other words Detect your most profitable content. Therefore, Guidance to find the best niches. Unknown tricks to modify ads. Advanced ad integration.Being accepted in Adsense helped. 

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