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Pinterest advertising is even Google-like in its features, as the search terms used in the Pinterest search determine the search results shown to the user. Pinterest advertising is not interruptive advertising, but rather merges into the results the user searches for, as a result of which the ads bring the user a sense of added value.

With the help of Pinterest advertising, your company not only reaches an audience with purchase intentions, but also increases brand recognition and especially strengthens the visual image of your company in the minds of users.

One of the most important features of successful Pinterest advertising is high-quality images that match the brand look and catch the user’s attention.¬†On Pinterest, brand recognition is particularly important.

The Google-ness of Pinterest advertising comes to the fore not only in the way that Pinterest resembles a visual search engine, but also in the way that ads can be targeted to people who have used certain keywords in the search.

Who is Pinterest advertising for?

Pinterest advertising is particularly suitable for B2C companies whose product or service is related to, for example, home decoration, crafts, ideas and inspiration or other DIY, i.e. do-it-yourself, activities.

Many Pinterest users come to the platform Indonesia Phone Number List for inspiration and ideas, rather than seeking the services of a specific brand or company. That’s why Pinterest is also a great platform for smaller companies to appear in connection with specific search terms.

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In addition to DIY-type service providers, Pinterest advertising is also suitable for advertising a wide variety of online stores, tourism-related or, for example, seasonal products and services.

Although the importance of visuals

And high-quality media, especially videos, has been on the rise from the point of view of social media marketing for a long time, their importance is even greater from the point of view of Pinterest advertising. Pinterest advertising is based on the user’s image feed receiving an advertising image or video of your company that is recognizable, high-quality and suitable for your company’s brand.

Images suitable for Pinterest advertising Phone Number HK must be of high quality and distinctive, but also simple enough to blend into the image feed and not jump out too much, so to speak.

Pinterest users are quite sensitive to the content they see, as up to 83% of Pinterest users have bought a product based on the content they have seen.

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