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 Centralize your most valuable relationships fashion itors and journalists can receive more than 300 emails a day. It is therefore vital to send a tailor email to each recipient to increase the chances of them converting to an item/feature from your collection . However. We all know how complex and time-consuming it can be to keep an up-to-date database due to the endless rotation of roles on the mia and press front. Traditional pr has been dominat for decades by just a few powerful agencies and in-house pr departments. In recent years. We are seeing a shift in the system with the launch of several small pr agencies/boutiques. An ever-increasing number of publicists and creatives starting their own freelance ventures.

Adapt to digital showrooms to ensure rapid exposure

And other new creative stakeholders appearing on the scene . As a result. Movements for sharing business email list  new brand assets among different stakeholders have increas significantly. For this reason. When you share your brand assets with mia. Creatives or other industry professionals. Not only should you have a quick and easy format to share all those materials. Through centraliz contact management technology connect to your digital asset management software. You will be able to collect and track all of this data. Forget about searching your gmail archive. Wasting hours asking multiple people within the team to find the right contact. Or having one of your colleagues chase that particular journalist to find out if they receiv the assets of your latest countryside. 

Convert your metrics into invaluable coverage

Every transaction is track and centraliz in one place. Shar across the entire team. And easily accessible from anywhere. Anytime . Digital event management 2. Adapt to digital showrooms to ensure rapid exposure as digital events and presentations have become increasingly important over the past couple of years. The ne to adapt to this new trend is essential. Not only because it is safer for your guests. But also because it allows you to instantly reach a global audience and wider. Once again. Traditional pr methods are changing. Industry professionals and Phone Number HK  kols want to be able to find what they’re looking for as quickly and accurately as possible to meet the significant demand for new content to publish. 

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