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Reopening the doors to the organization of phy-gital events we are in the middle of fashion week. And in recent weeks we are seeing many brands resume their physical events after the pandemic. Many still prefer physical fashion shows combin with a series of digital content releas on their online platforms. “I don’t think the solution is to rely entirely on digital… fashion week is a fundamental social occasion for the sector… it must remain a network that brings together large and small. And offer everyone. At the same time. The opportunity to present their work.” giorgio armani. March 2021 the reality is that the industry has seen that physical events are necessary. 

Physical events, but reduced

Even with very limit and small audiences. So. What are the main challenges we face in organizing physical events today? Physical business lead  events. But ruc. As already mention. This is a reality. The many restrictions that exist in cities around the world (social distancing. Masks. Ventilation. Etc.) make events possible with only a very small number of participants at the moment. But if there’s anything we’ve learn over the past year. It’s that digital platforms can be a very powerful tool for amplifying these events. Maximizing their impact and making them reach audiences around the world. Regardless of physical restrictions. Finding the right technological allies.

Finding the right technological allies

Going online to extend the impact of your physical events isn’t just about having an instagram or facebook account and posting on social networks. Organizing a live virtual broadcast will require appropriate logistics. You will also ne tools to measure cross-channel. Cross-voice and cross-market impact. Because in the same way you track the effectiveness of physical events with final attendance percentage. For online you will ne to fully understand the 360 degree performance of your strategies. Guest safety at physical events is more important than ever. Organizing small physical events will give your shows a unique exclusivity value. Phone Number HK  However. Your attendees must feel comfortable and safe. Regardless of the restrictions in different cities.

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