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In order for your marketing to stand out and find its target group among numerous advertising messages, it is important that your company has defined  clear competitive advantages and buyer personas . So you know who is being advertised to and from which angle. However, the fact that there is so much advertising available inevitably leads to the fact that it is easy for the consumer to forget your company – yes, even the consumer who is your sworn fan.

If you want to pause your marketing

and start it again after a break of a few months, in the worst case, for example, your brand building will have to start all over again. For this, you should also invest in a marketing strategy and stick to it.

If you don’t advertise, your competitors will. How do you get back into the awareness of your customers if they haven’t heard of your products and services, and the advertising space has gone to competitors?

For example, in social media marketing, if you haven’t done the previous advertising before the hottest season, then most likely all your competitors will also advertise with a high volume during that period.

Leads to the cost per 1000 impressions or CPM

going up so nicely that you don’t even get to show that many people advertising and you need a bigger budget – savings, round zero.

On the other hand, if you have been wise from afar and collected visitors to your site when others have not understood how to do it, you are already one step ahead. You can easily catch a warm audience during the season, when you will probably grab more leads and you can target your marketing with a smaller budget much better.

It is therefore important to think about how you target marketing. In the so-called off-season, it’s worth investing in advertising that gives you long-term benefits. Then you don’t even hunt for the hardest conversions, and this is good to understand. Instead, we maintain the brand image, raise content that supports the upcoming season or teach people why you are the best option and perform search engine optimization.

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