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It’s a challenge and I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to achieve it. Right now I am running 5 businesses in parallel and most of them are in full development. business opportunitiesPhoto rights to Fotolia When you pull a lot of strings you have to be able to achieve a basic understanding of how markets work. They are all very different but they have something in common. 

These are the 4 areasShipping and international sales costs

Shipping and international sales costs Especially when you are category email list small, you can lose sales opportunities by not offering adequate shipping costs. Typically, shipping companies do not take you seriously until you have reached a certain level of shipments. There are alternatives such as price comparators (Packlink is one of them) where you can save a lot in this key field of online sales.

Offline sales in dropshipping model money with your online business

Offline sales in dropshipping model When you sell Phone Number HK online it seems that there is an exclusive relationship with the internet. In reality we are closing many doors. It is incredibly easy to make dropshipping collaboration proposals . The difference is that in this case we are the ones on the supplier side.

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