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Does your company have an online store and would you like to increase its sales with social media marketing? When you plan and execute a marketing campaign correctly, you can reach new potential customers and convert them into buyers.

You must have heard many tips for implementing a social media campaign, but in this blog the tips are also combined with the tested MRACE® model.

At the beginning, it is good to summarize the facts, which are all key to creating a successful campaign:

In this blog, we give you tips on how to make a successful advertising campaign for an online store using social media platforms and the MRACE® model, which takes into account the stage of the customer’s purchase path.

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Set goals with ROAS in mind

First of all, we start with the basics. Setting Hong Kong Phone Number List goals helps you define what you want to achieve with your campaign. For example, do you want to increase visitors to your online store, increase sales or perhaps get new customers? Define your goals clearly and realistically so that they support your marketing goals .

Marketing goals can be set in many ways. One concrete way to approach them is the 5s model, i.e.:

Defining the goals helps you plan

The content of the campaign and choose the right channel. Based on the goals, you also choose the right metrics (KPIs), which you can use to monitor Phone Number HK the progress and success of the campaign. I will tell you more about measuring in a moment.

Before starting an advertising campaign, it is good to set a clear ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) goal. ROAS tells us how many euros are returned for every euro spent on advertising.

A good ROAS varies in different industries and companies, and determining a good ROAS goal depends a lot on the goal of the campaign. Tracking your campaign ROAS is important as it helps you gauge the success of your campaign.

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