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InkedIn is by no means the only advertising channel that your B2B company can use to reach potential leads and thus customers. Google Ads advertising is an effective way to acquire a new audience for your B2B company and to reach companies and decision-makers who are already interest in your products or services.

In the B2B market purchase processes can be very long

With the help of Google Ads, you can effectively market your company at different stages of the purchase path. Through keyword advertising, you can reach an audience that already has the intention to search for products or services, from the information acquisition phase to the decision-making phase. Advertising, you can reach different audiences, either prepared by Google or individually adapted. In the B2B market, remarketing audiences who are already familiar with the company are especially emphasized here.

However, using Google Ads for B2B advertising requires careful planning, management and optimization to ensure that the campaign produces the desired results.

In this blog, we explore how marketers can use Google Ads in B2B marketing, using th model framework and also considering the added value that other marketing activities such as website content writing can provide.

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The possibilities of Google Ads in the B2B market

Advantage of the model

when you want to quickly adapt to changes and ensure the effectiveness of Google Ads advertising. It offers a comprehensive approach and helps you do advertising in changing conditions and changing consumer behavior, while market trends and changing consumer behavior affect business even more strongly.

With the model, you can do digital marketing on a practical level in accordance with the strategy. With it, tactical level operations are consistent Phone Number HK between different channels, which increases results and the ability to measure. In this way, you ensure that the operation is in line with your company’s business goals, responding to the competitive situation, changes in customer behavior and technological development.

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