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Even though we hear every week about revolutionary news related to the use of artificial intelligence and its superiority also in the field of marketing, we must remember to press the brakes a little with enthusiasm.

The first fundamental problem is language. Domestic companies advertise in Finland mainly in Finnish. Generative chatbots based on artificial intelligence are quite weak in Finnish. It is likely that the Finnish language is more challenging than English for the Google Ads AI engine as well. Double-checking with human eyes is always recommended before activating ads – now and in the future.

Although artificial intelligence is capable

of speeding up the execution of many tasks, not everything should be put under its responsibility. The creativity, brand knowledge and interpretation of professionals are still required in building, planning and implementing campaigns.

The role of human labor plays a particularly important role in the interpretation and utilization of the results of artificial intelligence. Without an Turkey Phone Number List understanding of consumer behavior, AI can make big mistakes based on the wrong kind of data, which in turn can destroy a large part of your marketing budget immediately . This is why clean data and high-quality conversion tracking become key. Otherwise, we drive into the forest and hard.

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Human labor also plays

A significant role in monitoring the ethics and ethical operation of advertisements. AI makes it easy to distribute ads to the general public, but it’s up to humans to make sure they’re appropriate and ethical. Do you want to manage your brand Phone Number HK communication yourself or do you trust that artificial intelligence can produce sufficiently high-quality advertising texts?

All in all, the use of artificial intelligence can make companies’ marketing more efficient, but the importance of expert work does not decrease. It remains an integral part of marketing and brand building success. So don’t outsource everything to artificial intelligence, but get help from professionals if you can’t do everything yourself. Be the host of your own advertising.

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