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The purpose of the Act phase is to remove potential purchase obstacles that a potential customer has. In the Act phase, the role of contents is significant.

Listen to our podcast for more about how the contents of the Act phase work as a guide for the purchase path. 

Pinterest advertising is also suitable for this stage, but you get the most significant benefit with Pinterest advertising especially in the Reach but also in the Convert stage.

Convert – guide users towards conversions

At the latest, at this point, Pinterest users have put on their shopping pants. The goal of advertising in the convert phase is already hard conversions, for example purchases in the case of online shopping.

Like Meta’s channels, it is possible to implement feed-based, dynamic product catalog advertising on Pinterest , where the user sees products that the artificial intelligence concludes are the most liked by him. Dynamic product catalog advertising on Pinterest is also based on showing the user products that he may have already viewed while visiting the website.

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Engage – engage your customers

In the engage phase, the goal is to engage an already converted audience, which can be achieved on Pinterest, for example, in the form of tips related to  Oman Phone Number List using your product or service. When you also take care of already engaged customers, they are more likely to want to prefer your company’s products or services in the future as well.

Although Pinterest is above all suitable for Reach phase advertising targeting a cold audience, Pinterest users often already have purchase intentions. Pinterest advertising therefore enables you to reach a problem-aware, cold audience that already has purchase intentions.

Pinterest Advertising and Awareness Levels

I already mentioned the levels of awareness earlier in this blog post, but let’s go back to them in more detail. Levels of awareness often go hand in hand with buyer personas .

Levels of awareness as part of Pinterest marketing

1. Totally ignorant

A completely ignorant customer is often the most challenging group of customers who do not yet recognize their own problem, let alone know that your company’s product or service could solve it.

On Pinteret, users are often already aware of their problem or need, so there are fewer users who are completely unaware compared to, for example, Meta’s channels.

2. Problem-aware

A problem-aware customer has already recognized his problem or need, but does not yet know the solution to it.

This is one of the most significant audiences Phone Number HK on Pinterest, where people come to find a solution or more inspiration for a problem or idea they already have and are aware of.

3. Conscious of the end result

A client who is aware of the end result already knows what he wants and how to achieve it.

Therefore, a customer who is aware of the end result must be taught and enlightened about why exactly your company would serve him best and help him reach the desired end result.

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