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Although the idea of ​​converting a cold audience is beautiful, the matter is not quite so simple. In order for the Pinterest advertising best suited to the Reach stage to be as effective as possible, it is important for your company to identify the most important buyer personas and target advertising to them.


Pinterest advertising is the solution for your business when:

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If you want to learn more about social media New Zealand Mobile Number List marketing. Therefore, a customer who is aware of the end result must be taught and enlightened about why exactly your company would serve him best and help him reach the desired end result.

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 Product aware

A product-aware customer is already familiar with your company’s product or service, but does not yet understand that it is a solution.

A product-aware customer often has buying barriers, the elimination of which with marketing is an important step in order for the user to convert.

Fully aware

A fully informed customer is already ready Phone Number HK to buy your company’s product or service, but has not yet made a purchase.

For a fully informed customer, it is important to target engaging content and remarketing. From a Pinterest advertising perspective, the biggest audience is problem-aware customers.

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