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YouTube is still the most popular video channel, where people go both for information and to have fun. The channel’s popularity is indicated, for example, by the fact that the average user spends 23 hours a month on the service . In this blog, I examine what kind of video content can be utilize in YouTube marketing in the different stages of the MRACE® model.

The role of YouTube in digital marketing as a whole

Together with other digital marketing, YouTube marketing can increase the conversion rate significantly. Therefore, careful planning of how the video supports other marketing or social media efforts is paramount.

If you are going to use YouTube as a marketing channel, know your target group, offer regular quality content that benefits them and target it correctly. Also, remember to direct them from your video back to your website with a suitable call to action.

In this blog, I look at YouTube marketing Netherlands Mobile Number List specifically from the point of view of purchased video advertising. It is more effective and long-term to produce video content that is interesting and useful to customers, and which your customers voluntarily apply for.

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In addition to the advertising formats offered by YouTube, the production of video content together with a YouTuber can be a viable option. On YouTube, you can come across adult bettors who have ended up doing commercial cooperation with , for example, Shimano , Finavia or, for example, a company that manufactures marking colors for forest machines .

YouTube is also important in terms of search engine visibility

High-quality and regular video production also helps your company’s search engine visibility, because Google is increasing the number of Phone Number HK relevant video results among Google searches. Since the purchase process of many services can be long and often starts with googling a problem or a solution, for example “how to change banks”, it is useful for your company to produce high-quality video content for your customers’ most common questions.

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