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D’Artacán, a character created by the recently deceased Claudio Biern. Awarded the Jury’s Special Pacifier for Best Children’s Character The Biern family collected the award to an emotional ovation. Likewise, from the organization of El Chupete. Special Pacifier was awarded this time to Santiago Segura. For his entire career as a children’s communicator. Especially for his most recent films such as “Padre no hay más que uno”. The actor and producer had a few words for those in attendance. As a finale of the Special Awards, LEGO was awarded. Special Award ” for its Brand Achievement. In this edition, in addition to the awards mentioned above. Total of 18 awards selected from all the applications received. Awarded by the El Chupete 2022 Jury chaired by Germán Silva .


Muchoyo. Childhood has a voice by Zinkia , Jorge Martinez, Arena Media and Collage for The Children’s Revolution (SOS Children’s Villages, Educo, Plan category email list International, Save The Children, UNICEF Spain and World Vision). Beat the King of CLV for PlayStation Social Campaign PINK’s adolescence for FAD Bye Bye Chemo from Juegaterapia Foundation #NoLeDesAlCoco by PINK for FAD Repeat after me: I am the only one from BBDO & Proximity for ColaCao TEO discovers Rosaparks cancer for Bayer Cinema and TV PINK’s adolescence for FAD Label them as something unique from TACTICS EUROPE for PDO Navarra Asparagus Digital and Mobile VMLY&R Health Bans Cancer for Bristol Myers-Squibb Lightyear Constellation by Havas Worldwide for Pixar Take Filling of My Dear Watson Communication for Party Events Horseback riding, Isobar’s wish granted for the Aladina Foundation Graph Oh, Colorful Christmas from Havas Worldwide for Disney+ Best Toy Barbie Dream Gap-Barbie Astronaut by Mattel Music Muchoyo. 

The ElChupetedelaPaz campaign

The Gala there was an important moment of recognition to Manifesto, creators of the El Chupete 2022 #ElChupetedelaPaz Phone Number HK campaign , which aims to create something to talk about in the sector, to stir it up. Fede Arce and Jesús de la Rosa explained the idea of ​​the campaign and the creative way to develop the concept: echoing current controversial actors, but also from the children’s sphere, assimilating El Chupete not only to an award, whether in the childhood or in the professional field, but also to a calming object that gives peace to those who wear it and those around them in the face of tantrums. And that, without a doubt, as the campaign says The world needs more Pacifiers .

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