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We have provided Google Ads advertising as a continuous service for an industrial company. With the help of search advertising, we systematically bring visibility to all the company’s products to those already interested, offering development proposals based on the results. A well-planned campaign structure and measurement combined with the customer’s CRM platform helps to monitor advertising measures and analyze the results all the way to a sale.

Display and Discovery advertising

we target both remarketing audiences and bring their new product launches to the attention of a larger audience. Using these, we also grow our customer’s direct marketing list by promoting downloadable content, such as product brochures and webinars.

For the customer in question, the lead prices through Google Ads are around €50, and when the leads that become customers bring the company contracts worth tens of thousands of euros, it is very profitable.

Our cooperation has started in the Finnish China Phone Number List market, but thanks to the successful cooperation, we have been selected as their partner when the client’s business expanded to Sweden, England and North America.

Phone Number List


As we discussed above, the MRACE® model is an effective way to use Google Ads for B2B advertising at every stage of the purchase process. However, high-quality Phone Number HK Google Ads campaigns require more than effective targeting and ad copy – they also require a coherent and effective marketing strategy that combines website content writing and other marketing.

When you make versatile use of Google Ads and its different advertising formats and features, your B2B company is able to harness it as a very profitable lead acquisition tool for itself.

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