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The Engage phase is about how effectively you take care of your customers after the purchase event. If your marketing strategy does not reach the Engage stage and you settle for the first purchase made by the customer, before long the churn will increase as your customers start looking at other solutions. However, don’t worry – when you realize the importance of customer engagement, you minimize avoidable customer churn.

All marketing automation tools put together

Marketing automation is the most effective way to ensure that your customers receive the necessary service immediately after their purchase. It doesn’t matter if your company sells paper machines worth millions or hand-woven socks.

By planning and implementing a post-purchase care chain that best serves your customer, you guarantee that your customers feel served. This, in turn, encourages people to buy from your company in the future as well. In the planning of the care chain, your expertise in the field and your customers is combin with the possibilities of technology. In an online store, it can be a message thread about how you take care of your socks so that they serve you even years from now.


The effectiveness of predictive customer service is naturally based on the information collected from the individual customer about previous purchasing behavior and, for example, previous customer service encounters.

When the information of an individual customer is combined with mass data obtain from other customers, it is possible to begin to understand what kind of challenges an individual customer may face while using the service or product. Pega is an example of a customer service solution that uses predictive models to its advantage. Compared to previous behavior data, Pega can make suggestions to the agent

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is just one example of email marketing tools that enable dynamic content to be built as part of the engage phase email chain. Dynamic content means the use of information that identifies the customer as part of creating the content of the e-mail message.


In order to build the best customer experiences, it is important to know what customers who have already bought from you say about your company and its products and services to their peers.

Buffer is a so-called social listening tool that actively monitors not only your company’s social media profiles but also other media, such as news or, for example, comparison sites for the keywords you define. Buffer also offers an analytics tool that crunches measurement data and directly makes content suggestions that improve your brand’s online visibility. From the tone and content of the messages, you can also draw direct conclusions about how satisfied the customers who bought from you are. You should use this information to your advantage when thinking about the customer experience of the entire Engage phase!

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