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How many times have you tried to do a task at work and wasted time looking for an ideal tool for it? Would you like to have the main tools to manage your daily tasks in Online Marketing in a single article or in an e-book? In this article I have decided to compile 40 online tools divided into categories that will help you create, search or share content, as well as manage your social networks and analyze your websites. All in one article. Do you find it useful? The truth is that I love the idea, because sometimes I waste valuable time looking for tools for tasks that I don’t usually do and that’s.

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Article like this could be very useful for many people. So, I have decided to place for different tasks those online tools that. I consider essential to do a good job in Online Marketing and Social Media. Another executive data essential tool in the daily life of a digital marketing professional. As it allows us to know if there is duplicate content within our website. Something that is very important for Google when it comes to evaluating and classifying our website. In my opinion, it is the extension that should never be missing from an. SEO professional’s browser, as it allows you to know a series of important data.

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The content and comments from social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Highlighting those that require special attention so that you can respond from a single place. Another of the  essential online Phone Number HK tools for your daily life in Digital Marketing. As it is a very powerful and useful platform, with which you can carry out. A very advanced and segmented search for keywords for your marketing strategy.

Check out this example post for a personal brand. For me, it is one of those online tools that you can never miss in a good list, since it gives you many possibilities. It is a very good platform to make a complete and free SEO report that explains all the steps in a simple way.

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