Seen a negative business impact as a result

Undecided 12.20% Factors contributing to increased investment To gain a bit more insight, we asked those business leaders who were increasing their budgets to indicate reasons why they were doing so. Here’s what they had to say: factors impacting increased digital marketing spend 2024 What does this mean? Despite the economic wobble, 59% of business […]

How to Measure SEO ROI Challenges of Calculating

SEO ROI (return on investment) estimates the business value of all SEO activities in contrast to their cost. It’s one of the most common topics any SEO consultant or manager has to address when it comes to allocating marketing budgets and resources. In its essence, calculating ROI is quite easy and straightforward. But in SEO, […]

Google Uses 20 Canonicalization Signals It’s More

Canonicalization is the process that search engines use to. Determine which version of a page will be indexed and shown. To users when there are duplicates. The chosen version is called the canonical URL, and ranking signals like links. Google Uses Will consolidate to that page. This process is sometimes referred to as standardization or […]

Branded Search vs. Non-Branded Search What’s

Most SEO advice talks about optimizing for keywords that don’t mention your brand because that is how you can attract complete strangers to your business. But what about search queries that do mention your brand? In other words, what about attracting people who are exactly searching for your business? Naturally, you can optimize your website […]

Employees have to live the company’s brand purpose

As I said before, I do not believe that correctly transmitting the .  Therefore, Purpose of the company is a matter of only making internal presentations and training. So that employees make the brand purpose their own: We must start from a clear and precise.Therefore,   Definition of the purpose : a simple definition that […]

How to implement the brand purpose so that it adds value to the company

For me, the purpose of branding is to give a name to something that we have actually been talking about for many years. The brand purpose defines the soul of the company, it defines its heart, in short, it tells us about what gives meaning to the company beyond sales. It seems that with this […]

Pillars of the new post-covid B2B digital strategy

In the B2C world we have been talking for many years about multichannel (ability to serve customers from several channels) and omnichannel (ability to serve our customers unequivocally regardless of the . Channel in question). But due to the gap in the evolution of digital in B2B, it is something that we are starting to […]

The best digital marketing blogs that you should not stop reading

Therefore, In this post I am going to give you a good account of what for me – in a totally personal way – are  Spanish-speaking digital marketing blogs. Why have I added 40 and not 30 or 50?… Well basically because I felt like it and because it is a round number that looks […]

what it is for and how to use it on your website

Therefore, Lottie files are fashionable in web design and they are here to stay. That is why in this post I want to talk to you about this new type of animation files . Nowadays, in web page design, performance and loading speed prevail above all else. Largely due to the widespread use of mobile […]

Email List for the Product Sector Your Competitive Edge

Related-entries Breadcrumbs Another Email List feature that large portals use and that improves navigability is breadcrumbs. Those links that appear above the title that indicate the navigation route from the home page to the article. Asap Theme incorporates breadcrumbs and its structured data , although it can be disabled if for some reason you need […]

Accelerate Sales with Our Product Industry Database

Choose the number of columns Show Accelerate Sales the category to which the entry belongs Show post excerpts Resize thumbnails listings Entries/pages You can also customize posts and pages to show those elements that you really need depending on what type of niche you are working on. Asap Theme also includes a previous/next navigation system […]